Is Pocari Sweat Good For Cats?

When it comes to keeping our cats hydrated and replenishing their lost electrolytes, a human beverage like Prime Hydration, Pedialyte, and Pocari Sweat is often touted as an option, but is it safe?

Most human-grade foods and drinks are not safe for cats, as they either don’t cater to the cat’s needs, oversupply nutrients, or contain ingredients that are harmful to cats. This article will furnish you with all the information you need about Pocari sweats for cats, their benefits, possible risks, and the amount they offer.

What is pocari sweat?

Pocari Sweat is a sports drink, but it is not an energy drink; rather, it consists of water flavored with grapefruit and loaded with nutrients that not only resupply lost electrolytes during activities but also replenish the body generally.

This drink was developed by Rokuro Harima, a Japanese. Inspired by his visit to the hospital, where he was given carbonated water to soothe his diarrhea and where he also witnessed the doctor drink some IV fluid to replenish lost electrolytes, he became challenged to create a double-purpose drink that supplies nutrients to the body and also replenishes lost electrolytes.

Ingredients used in making pocari sweats include citric acid, trisodium citrate, water, sodium, calcium lactate, sugar, potassium chloride, and magnesium carbonate. Offered in PET bottles and aluminum cans, pocari sweats are also available in liquid and powdered forms.

Keeping Your Cat Hydrated Is Essential

While we are all used to the common knowledge that cats lack and require taurine, an essential amino acid they can’t provide for themselves, that isn’t the only thing they need. They also need some fresh water, which is important for a lot of reasons.

Water keeps your cat hydrated and aids in the total functioning of their bodily systems. If you take away water, transporting nutrients throughout the cells of your cat’s body becomes impossible.

Water is also important, aiding cognitive functions and regulating the cat’s body temperature, which could aid your cat in effectively learning new tricks. There is no important function in a cat’s body that doesn’t require water.

If your cat is not hydrated, you may notice tiredness, lack of interest in foods, muscle dysfunction, and lack of coordination. It can be fatal in some cases.

Can Cats Drink Pocari Sweat?

Cats can have 1/5 of a bottle of pocari sweat and not have any adverse effects. However, when you give your cat lots of pocari sweat, it becomes counterproductive as you will be oversupplying the cat with nutrients, which often results in kidney strain.

The major concerns of feeding human-grade drinks to cats are ruled out with pocari sweats; there are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or soda. Rather, it contains natural sugar in quantity, which helps the body absorb ions quickly.

The possible toxic compound in grapefruit is psoralens, but when flavorings are obtained from this fruit, the psoralens are expelled. Deriving flavor from fruits requires heating, after which water evaporates. The evaporated water then gets concentrated between 100 and 5000, eliminating as much water as possible. What is left is the flavoring essence, free from any toxic substances for cats.

Can kittens have Pocari Sweats?

Pocari sweats are not suitable for kittens. Kittens should not have any form of sports drink, as their systems are still pretty delicate. They should have age-safe liquids like fresh water, coconut water, or drinks recommended by your vet.

Pocari Sweat for Cats Benefits

While pocari sweat may not be the most appropriate way to replenish electrolytes and water in your cat’s body, it could still provide some benefits if used right:

  1. Enhance performance: Cats who are open to hiking, engaging in strenuous training sessions, or just returning from a lengthy day’s scavenging can have little pocari sweats during or after such activities, and in turn, pocari sweat will aid its muscles to function properly, making your kitty give its best.
  2. Rehydration: Of course, this is the prime reason for pocari sweats for cats—to replenish lost liquid and electrolytes. Pocari sweats boast an ionic composition similar to that found in the body, which means they are easily absorbed and almost instantaneously effective.

What will happen if my Cat drinks Pocari sweats?

In small amounts, pocari sweat won’t cause any harm to your cat, as it has little sugar and is free from any harmful additives.

However, when you constantly overload your cat with lots of pocari sweat, you are exposing them to an electrolyte imbalance and oversaturating them with nutrients, which will strain the kidney.

Better alternatives to pocari sweats for cats

Any better alternative to pocari sweat for cats should be natural sources of rehydration, such as the following:

Coconut water

A few spoonfuls of coconut water are a natural and effective way of restoring lost fluids and electrolytes. Coconut has lots of vitamin B and C, zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium, which are great for improving digestion, hydrating your cat, improving skin health, and balancing electrolytes.

However, there is a caveat: coconut water contains too much potassium and natural sugar, which is why it should be offered in moderation and not made a staple source of hydration.

Fresh water

There is nothing that beats fresh water when it comes to hydrating your pet. It should be the basic source of hydration. When you ever feel your cat is dehydrated, offer some fresh water, and that will solve it safely.

Is pocari sweat good for cats with diarrhea?

In the absence of ORS, Pocari sweat can be used during the recovery of diarrhea in cats. It could rehydrate your cat quickly, restoring lost electrolytes. ORs, fresh water, and coconut water should always be the first options when it comes to rehydrating your cat.

Is pocari sweat okay for cats? Final thoughts

Sport drinks for pets are generally not that safe as they are not pet-specifically made, which means they often contain ingredients that may be harmful, but Pocari sweat is made with natural ingredients, as the company claims, is free from harmful substances like xylitol, and can be used to rehydrate your cat safely in moderate amounts.

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