Can Dogs Eat Vermicelli Noodles? Is It Safe?

Who doesn’t like noodles? You can explore and make a plethora of dishes, from pancit to Thai red coconut noodles. While safe for humans, are vermicelli noodles safe for dogs? Should you allow your dog to have some? In what quantity? Let us explore!

What are vermicelli noodles?

Vermicelli is an Italian pasta. They are thicker when compared with spaghetti. However, here in the US, vermicelli is less thick than spaghetti but more thick than angel hair.

There are over four varieties of vermicelli noodles, and they are all made of different ingredients, colors, and levels of thickness.

The Italian vermicelli is derived from durum wheat semolina, water, and sometimes eggs. When these ingredients are combined, a pasta dough is formed and pressed through a die, leaving long strands of vermicelli afterward.

Mexican fideos (fideos is a Spanish word that translates as “noodles”) are very common in Mexican dishes. This variety is toasted, so they can retain their shapes while cooking. It is not as thick as spaghetti, but it is thicker than angel hair, and it is also made from durum wheat semolina.

Faloodda sev and Maida vermicelli are Indian vermicelli. Maida is derived from combining wheat flour and semolina. Falooda sev is derived from cornstarch.

The Southeast Asian vermicelli has long, thin strands that are distinctively rounded at the edges. They are derived from water and rice flour. Rice flour is known to absorb flavor in soups, sauces, and seasonings.

Can dogs eat vermicelli noodles?

Yes, dogs can eat vermicelli noodles. The major ingredients in vermicelli noodles are durum wheat semolina, rice flour, and corn starch, which are all safe for dogs in modest amounts. However, dogs with gluten sensitivities may react to vermicelli made from durum wheat.

It is best to use these noodles less frequently and avoid adding any additional spice or seasoning. Mixing the noodles in chicken broth and shreds of chicken with no added salt or spices will be just great for your dog, and they will benefit from the meal.

Health benefits of vermicelli noodles for dogs

The vermicelli made from rice flour can be beneficial to your dog. It has a low fat content of 0.6% and a protein content of 6%. However, it has lots of carbs, and a 100-gram serving could exceed your dog’s daily calorie intake.

While there is added salt, it is good to know that the amount of salt present in rice noodles (183mg of sodium per 100 grams) can’t trouble your dog. Your dog’s daily sodium intake should be around 0.5% of its daily food intake, which translates to 1,250–1,500 mg, depending on the size of the dog, according to the Small Animal Clinic.

The vermicelli noodles are highly digestible, have a high fiber content, and are cholesterol-free, which makes them good for the heart of your pooch. It also has a low-fat content, which means you won’t be worrying about your dog’s trans and saturated fat.

Risks of feeding vermicelli noodles to dogs

While rice noodles in particular can be beneficial to your dog, they can also pose common risks with the other varieties of vermicelli, and these downsides are mostly man-made.

Serving a dog vermicelli noodles mixed with spice and seasoning can do a lot of harm to your dog. From impacting their respiratory system to causing digestive upset. If your dog must have some vermicelli, it has to be plain or mixed in a no-seasoning broth.

There is also the possible risk of choking, which could emerge from eating so many long noodles at once. Ensure to cut the vermicelli noodles into smaller stands before handing them out to the dog.

There is also a risk of obesity if you continuously feed your dog too many vermicelli noodles, as you will be stuffing them with lots of carbs and calories.

How to prepare vermicelli noodles for dogs

Read the labels and select a product with the least salt content. Ensure to cook and serve the noodles plain without any added spice. Allow to cool and give your dog some.

How many vermicelli noodles can dogs eat? Your dog should not eat beyond 20 grams of vermicelli noodles, and it should be an occasional treat and not a staple in their diet.

Other Healthy Foods Dogs Can Eat

Here are some other treats you could add to your dog’s feeding regime:

Cooked plain rice

Dogs can eat plain white and brown rice. Brown rice has more nutrients than white rice, but they can both be used as a bland diet to resolve stomach upsets.


Fruits can provide your dog with lots of nutrients, and there are a lot of them that dogs can safely eat. Apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, and more

Lean meats

Lean meats are essential proteins for dogs, and they digest easily, which means your dog can obtain energy quickly from them. Beef, lamb, veal, etc.


This is more of a drink than a food, but it is still fun for dogs. My dog loves horchata so much, and I make it available occasionally. Horchata is a Mexican drink made from rice soaked in water, cinnamon, and vanilla extracts. You can look up my dog-friendly horchata recipe.


Pumpkin is one of the best, if not the best, treats you could hand out to your dogs. They are very nutritious and can easily be roasted and served.

Final thoughts

Dogs can eat vermicelli noodles in small amounts as an occasional treat. Vermicelli shouldn’t be made a staple as a result of their high carb and calorie content.

Ensure to cook the vermicelli plain without any added spices or ingredients.

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