Is Lumpia Good For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Lumpia?

Lumpia, also referred to as egg roll or spring roll is of Chinese origin, but its popularity has grown largely in the Philipines. Lumpia can be enjoyed raw (with lettuce as a wrapper) or deep-fried.

The fillings of this delicacy consist of vegetables, meats, and sauce. Lumpia is not only popular in the Philippines, but it has also become largely eaten in the U.S. and I can’t just get enough. But is lumpia good for dogs? Here is all we know about lumpia and dogs, is it safe? Let us explore!

Can Dogs Eat Lumpia?

Fresh lumpia without onions or garlic is safe for dogs to eat as vegetables and protein like pork, shrimp, and, chicken can be highly beneficial to dogs.

However, the deep-fried lumpia is not safe for dogs to eat, as it has a high calorie and fat content which could exceed your dog’s daily intake. Over time, your dog can develop pancreatitis from consuming too much fat.

Can Dogs Eat Lumpia Wrapper?

A dog that is allergic to grains should not consume lumpia wrappers made from wheat, if they do, symptoms like diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal cramping would be observed. They should eat lumpia with rappers made of rice or lettuce instead.

When I make lumpia at home, I usually make a separate dog filling where I don’t include onions, garlic, or any other toxic components. I prefer using lettuce wrap for my dog’s lumpia as it is healthy for dogs.

Is Lumpia Good For Dogs?

Traditional lumpia is not good for dogs as it is usually deep-fried (increasing the calorie and fat content significantly) and contains onions and garlic. However, if the wrappers are changed to lettuce and the lumpia is served to the dog fresh, it can be beneficial to your pooch.

Below are the ingredients of lumpia and how they can affect your dogs:


Some sauces used in lumpia may not be safe for dogs. Sauce like ketchup usually contains xylitol, while soy sauce usually has a high sodium content. Also, you have the roasted garlic Ceacer dipping sauce which could deplete your dog’s red blood cells. If your dog should enjoy some lumpia, it should be without these sauces.

Onions and garlic

Onions used amongst the fillings, and garlic used in the sauce can be ultimately toxic to dogs. They consume a toxic compound, N-propyl disulfide which is responsible for depleting red blood cells, leading to anemia.

All forms of onions including their leaves, juice, processed powders, and fresh forms are toxic to dogs. Cooking the onions doesn’t make it any less toxic, which is why it should be scrapped completely from your dog’s meal.

Cooking method

To get the best out of lumpia, you have to fry it. While the lumpia with lettuce as a wrapper will be appealing to vegetarians and people who love to explore diverse tastes, some persons are addicted to high-fat foods and would prefer their lumpia fried.

Fried lumpia, while crunchy, has a higher fat and calorie content which could cause pancreatitis as I stated earlier. Your dog would love the lettuce version, as it is also delicious and healthy.

How much lumpia can I give my dog?

When it comes to feeding dogs human foods that are not completely suitable for them, you have to do it with caution. Lumpia should be a great treat for dogs if not fried and if no onions and fewer spices are used.

You shouldn’t give your dog more than 1 – 2 rolls at once. and this should be done only once or twice a week. Ensure to check your dog’s reactions. If they react badly after eating some lumpia, ensure to discontinue giving lumpia to them.

Can Puppies eat Lumpia?

Puppies can eat one-fourth of a lumpia roll. However, it is not advisable to feed pups anything besides their quality food and treats which has all the nutrients that would enable them to develop into a healthy active dog.

I have given my dogs 3 pups 1/4 of lumpia rolls each, and they didn’t react negatively to it. Anyway, I didn’t hand them the regular lumpia, I gave them my dog-friendly lumpia recipe that I am about to share with you.

Dog-safe Lumpia Recipe

This recipe is made with dog-safe ingredients. Also, these ingredients are loved by dogs, and they will be happy to take some bites. My dog and her pups go crazy for this treat.

What you need

  • 1/4 cup of shredded organic carrots
  • 1/4 cup of torn organic romaine lettuce
  • 2 tablespoons of organic parsley
  • half a cup of organic all-natural peanut butter ( I use Kirkland peanut butter)
  • 2 sheets of lettuce
  • 1/4 cup of shredded organic red cabbage
  • 2 tablespoons of filtered water

How to make

  • First of all, we need to mix the peanut butter and distilled water with a food processor, until the consistency become like that of a sauce. If you don’t have a food processor, a bowl and whisk will do the magic.
  • Soak your lettuce wrapper in warm water, this should make it a bit soft (this is optional)
  • On a lean surface, lay your lettuce and place the ingredients a little bit below the center, then fold the wrapper bottom up to form a cylinder shape.
  • You can then cut it into two halves, and serve with horchata or some chicken broth.

Benefits of Homemade Lumpia for Dogs

You’re in charge of the ingredients

The best part of homemade treats for dogs is that you are totally in charge of the ingredients that are used. This means you can get creative and substitute harmful ingredients with safer alternatives like we did above. We substituted deep-frying and other harmful spices for a simple peanut butter and lettuce. I usually make lots of variations with dog-safe veggies and ingredients.

This approach helps you cater to your dog’s dietary needs, as you could add chops of protein, veggies, fruits, and more, which could supply them with essential nutrients.

Bonding experience

How do you feel when you cook together with your kids or spouse? How do you feel when you cook for your dog while it is staring at you and wagging those tails? Pawsome right?

Going the extra length to please your dog creates a bonding experience that benefits both you and the dog. The idea of cooking for your dog also rewards you, as you get that satisfaction that you just fed them right.

Alternative Treats for Dogs

Here are much more safe treats than the conventional lumpia sold out there. These treats could use up 10% of your dog’s daily food intake effectively. They supply just enough nutrients to complement the quality kibble and wet foods:

Freeze-Dried treats

The freeze-dried list is endless! You have fruits, vegetables, meat, and more. These freeze-dried treats retain up to 90% of their original nutrients and they are delicious also, making them a great alternative to lumpia.

Jerky Treats

Jerky treats are great alternatives to lumpia for dogs. They have lots of flavors that you could keep rotating over time. Most if not all dogs love these protein-packed treats. Try them and give me feedback.

Roasted Pumpkin seeds

Well, I love this treat so much as I get to share it with my dogs. They are very easy to prepare. All you have to do is roast the pumpkin seeds without salting them, then hand some to your pooch.

Is Lumpia Good For Dogs? Final Thoughts

Dogs are not just space keepers in our house, they are our companions, friends, and family which makes it necessary to care for them just as we care for our cousins and family members.

Lumpia is a delicious snack whose crunchy texture is hard to resist, but it can be harmful to dogs as a result of its ingredients which include onions which could deplete their red blood cells, and various spices which could affect the dog’s respiratory system or cause gastrointestinal upsets.

If we want to share lumpia with dogs, it is best to give them homemade versions that cater to their nutritional needs.

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