Can Dogs Drink Pocari Sweat?

Being an active bodybuilder, I have grown to be cautious about what I let into my body or not. After and during the morning and evenings of hardcore gym activities, Pocari sweats are always a refreshing way to replenish lost electrolytes while still supplying nutrients.

I have two lovely dogs at home, and they enjoy learning new tricks. Beyond treats and affections to get them going, I also have to replenish the water and electrolytes lost, but is Pocari sweat a good way to do that? Here is all we know about Pocari sweats for dogs.

What is pocari sweat?

Pocari Sweat is not an energy drink; rather, it is a flavored water packed with nutrients that is capable of replenishing lost electrolytes during sporting activities. This sports drink was developed by a Japanese, Rokuro Harima, after his encounter during a hospital visit.

He was battling diarrhea, which led to this visit, and when he got there, he was offered carbonated water to calm his upset stomach. While also at the hospital, he observed the doctor replenishing his lost water and electrolytes by gulping an IV solution. This prompted him to come up with the idea of creating safe water that could replenish electrolytes while also providing nutrients to the body.

Pocari sweats are made from citric acid, water, trisodium citrate, calcium lactate, sodium, sugar, magnesium carbonate, and potassium chloride, and then flavored with grapefruit. Pocari Sweats is offered in powdered and liquid forms, as well as in PET bottles and aluminum cans.

Why it is important to keep your dog hydrated

In almost all my articles, I have mentioned the need to provide our pooch with high-quality kibbles and wet foods, but that isn’t all they need, especially if they are active dogs. They equally need fresh water to hydrate themselves.

Water is essential for the proper functioning of your dog’s entire system. Without water, nutrients cannot be effectively transported throughout the cells of the body. It equally aids in regulating the body’s temperature and improving cognitive functions. Which can, in turn, boost how quickly your dog learns new tricks during training sessions. There is almost no important bodily function that doesn’t require water.

When dehydrated, symptoms like lightheadedness, dry nose and gums, muscle dysfunction, tiredness, loss of appetite, panting, and lack of coordination will be noticed. In severe cases, it could lead to fatalities.

Can Dogs Drink Pocari Sweat?

Dogs can drink moderate amounts of pocari sweat without problems. Giving your dog too much pocari sweats may lead to an oversupply of nutrients, which could be less productive and lead to a possible kidney strain.

Pocari sweats are made without artificial sweeteners, soda, or preservatives. Rather, it contains the right amount of sugar to aid the body in absorbing ions quickly.

While you may think the psoralens in grapefruit are going to be toxic, they won’t. Flavorings are obtained by heating the grapefruit juice, after which water evaporates. This water that evaporates is then concentrated between 100 and 5000 times to reduce its water content, leaving behind as much trapped flavoring substance. This is very different from feeding your dog some grapefruit directly; hence, it is not toxic to dogs.

Can Puppies Drink Pocari Sweat?

Your puppy has no business drinking sports drinks. They still have delicate systems, and their bodies haven’t fully developed. They should only be given age-related drinks like water, a little coconut water, and another drink suggested by your vet.

Pocari sweat for dogs benefits

While we recommend you give your dogs natural sources of electrolytes, pocari sweats can still benefit your dog in moderation, and here is how:

  1. Rehydration: Pocaris sweats are a great source of replenishing electrolytes and fluids lost while carrying out exercise activities or after a long walk.
  2. Performance enhancement: Herding dogs, or dogs who participate in rigorous training activities such as learning to jump hurdles or learning new tricks for an extended period, will benefit from the potassium and sodium in Pocari Sweats, as they will aid the proper functioning of the muscles, enabling the dogs to give their best.
  3. Rapid absorption: The ionic composition of Pocari sweats is similar to that of bodily fluids, which makes it easier for your dog’s body to absorb and utilize the electrolytes present in the drink.

What will happen if my dog drinks Pocari sweats?

Nothing will happen if your dog happens to ingest small amounts. Pocari sweats have little sugar content and don’t contain artificial additives, making them safe in moderation.

However, when you constantly give your dog significant amounts, you are placing them at risk of electrolyte imbalances, particularly in dogs with kidney or heart issues.

So how much pocari sweat is okay for dogs? Your dog should have 1/5 of a bottle, which is sufficient to replace lost electrolytes. then you can give the dog lots of fresh water afterwards, which will help replenish fluids lost.

What other things can you give your dog instead of Pocari sweats?

Here are much safer or natural alternatives to Pocari sweat that are guaranteed to restore your pooch’s lost electrolytes and fluids:

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great source for replenishing lost electrolytes and fluids. After your pooch has participated in a rigorous exercise, a few teaspoons of coconut water can help revitalize it.

Coconut water boasts Vitamin B and C, calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium, which can all help improve digestion, balance electrolytes, hydrate your dog, be a great source of antioxidants, and also help maintain proper coat and skin health.

However, you should not overfeed coconut water to dogs, as coconut water is a rich source of potassium, and too much potassium can spell danger for dogs. Ensure that fresh coconut water is free from any form of additive.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is the first thing you should hand out to your dog after any form of intense activity. Water should be the primary source of hydration for your pet. If they don’t get enough water, they cannot carry out their bodily functions effectively.

Is pocari sweat good for dogs with diarrhea?

Yes, POCARI SWEAT can be used as a substitute for ORS to help dogs recover from diarrhea. It’s a health hydration drink that helps rehydrate them quickly by providing essential electrolytes. However, once ORS is available or alternatives like fresh water or coconut water are preferred for a better rehydration process.

Is pocari sweat okay for dogs? Final Thoughts

While sports drinks, in general, are not safe for dogs since they were made with humans in mind, dogs can, however, have little Pocari sweats as they are made differently from other sports drinks. It is free from xylitol, artificial additives, and caffeine, as found in most other sports drinks.

Pocari sweats contain beneficial nutrients that could complement the nutrients gotten from your dog’s quality foods. However, your dog should not be given pocari sweats regularly; rather, they should be given occasionally after intense activity.

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