Can Dogs Drink Prime? Is Prime Good For Dogs?

We are still raving about the buzz of Prime, and most of us have become hooked on this drink (all thanks to its addictive caffeine content). Makers of Prime has promoted it as the best solution to quick recovery and hydration. They also claim that the drinks harbor lots of health benefits, like providing B vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. While Prime may be safe for humans, is it safe for dogs? Let us explore!

What is Prime?

Prime is a caffeine-rich sports beverage launched by successful YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. They also have a non-caffeinated variety known as prime hydration.

Prime retails for as much as $30 for a bottle. Prime Energy can be likened to five bottles of Coke or two Expressos, as it comes with 200mg of caffeine (in the US) and 140 mg (in Canada).

Can dogs drink Prime?

Technically, dogs can drink Prime, but it is not healthy for them. While a bottle of Prime Energy may contain as much as 200mg of caffeine, the caffeine may not be sufficient to cause harm to the dog.

For dogs to experience caffeine toxicity, they have to consume 140mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. An affenpinscher who weighs over 3-5 kg may require 3-5 bottles of Prime Energy to experience caffeine toxicity.

While the caffeine content per bottle may not be harmful to your dog, there are other ingredients in that bottle of Prime Energy that may cause issues for your dog.

Instead of sugar, sucralose sweetener is used in Prime, and unlike xylitol, sucralose is safe for dogs, but your dog could experience gastrointestinal issues if they consume too much sucralose.

While caffeine may not be toxic to your dog, it is important to note that caffeine is a stimulant, which means your dog will become hyper. If it is not a working dog or you have no plans to exercise the dog at that moment, the dog will be a handful. Besides that, your dog may become agitated and have tremors, an increased heart rate, an increased body temperature, and possible seizures in cases of consuming so much Prime Energy.

Prime Energy ingredients and their safety for dogs

Ingredient Safety for Dogs
Coconut water concentrate Generally safe in moderation
Inositol (a sugar alcohol) Generally safe in moderation
Preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate) Safe in small amounts, but some dogs may be sensitive.
Natural flavors Generally safe, but watch for allergies.
Caffeine Not recommended; can be toxic in high amounts.
Amino acids (L-theanine and taurine) Generally safe in moderation
Glucuronolactone (a substance naturally occurring in the body and a common ingredient in energy drinks) Limited information; use with caution.
Vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin B12) Generally safe in moderation
Artificial sweeteners (sucralose) Not recommended; can be toxic in high amounts.
Carbonated, filtered water Generally safe in moderation
Electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, and potassium) Generally safe in moderation

Can dogs drink Prime Hydration?

Dogs can drink Prime Hydration, but they should not. It is a better product compared to Prime Energy, as it contains no caffeine. However, it still contains additives, artificial colors, and flavors that could trigger allergic reactions or cause digestive problems in dogs.

While electrolytes and vitamins are necessary for proper bodily functions, your dog already gets its vitamin needs through its well-balanced kibble. Since Prime Hydration provides these micronutrients in amounts that are deemed excessive, the resulting outcome will not be suitable for your dog.

Prime drinks contain more than 100% of your dog’s daily vitamin B, E, and A needs. Since vitamin E is fat-soluble, it will build up in your dog over time.

Ingredients in Prime Hydration and their safety for dogs

Ingredient Safety for Dogs
Coconut water Generally safe in moderation
Artificial sweeteners (sucralose and acesulfame potassium) Not recommended; can be toxic in high amounts.
B vitamins Generally safe in moderation
Electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, and potassium) Generally safe in moderation
antioxidant vitamins A and E Generally safe in moderation
Gum arabic and ester gum as stabilizers Generally safe in moderation
Water Safe in moderation
Branched-chain amino acids Generally safe in moderation
Natural flavors Generally safe in moderation
Sea salt (in the hydration sticks) Generally safe in moderation

What Will Happen If My Dog Accidentally Drinks Prime?

Well, depending on the amount, nothing may happen. However, if your dog has an underlying health issue that interacts badly with any of the ingredients in Prime, it may react accordingly.

The common thing you will notice when your dog consumes prime is that they will become very active; they may scatter things around. You will also notice a higher-than-usual body temperature, and while you may not feel their heart rates, it may increase significantly.

Also, there is a possible risk of bloating when you let your dog have some prime. As you already know, bloating can be devastating to dogs if not resolved, as it could press the organs, restricting the flow of blood.

What are the healthiest hydrating drinks for active dogs?

Working dogs who keep your flock in line, dogs who go on a walk with you, or dogs that love learning new tricks and exercising will suffer from a loss of electrolytes. Instead of considering drinks like Prime to restore their electrolytes, you can make use of these healthier alternatives:


Of course, what other drink would be better than water? This should be the primary source of hydration for your dogs.


Horchata is a Mexican drink derived from soaking white rice in water. It is sweetened with sugar and flavored with vanilla or cinnamon.

Homemade electrolyte solutions

This is a mixture of water, a pinch of salt, and 100% fruit juice or natural sweeteners like honey. This mixture is guaranteed to supply your dog with the needed electrolytes.

Coconut water

This list cannot be complete without coconut water. Coconut water contains lots of electrolytes and will hydrate your dog.

Is Prime Good For Dogs? Final Thoughts

While Prime is safe for dogs to drink in small amounts, it is not advisable to let your dog start drinking Prime or other energy drinks. You better give your dog other better drinks like coconut water or horchata that could actually provide nutrients in a healthy way.

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