Is Kirkland Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?

It doesn’t take long before you discover that dogs love peanut butter. For dogs who hate to shower, it helps distract them. It could also serve as a source of reward for dogs who complete training sessions—learning a new trick or command. Since we know dogs can have peanut butter, is Kirkland peanut butter safe for dogs?

In my over 15 years of living with dogs, I have learned what they could eat or shouldn’t eat and in what quantity. Most peanut butter available on the counters is not safe for dogs as it contains ingredients such as xylitol that are not harmful to humans but can be harmful to dogs.

In this article, we will explore the Kirkland brand, whether the ingredients are safe for dogs, and how often your dog should have them.

Can Dogs Eat Kirkland Peanut Butter?

Dogs can eat Kirkland peanut butter without any issues at all, as it is made with natural ingredients and is free from harmful additives such as xylitol, which can be toxic to dogs.

I use this peanut butter during some training exercises with my dog, and I have not encountered any problems. However, peanut butter of all kinds is usually high in fat and calories, which could lead to weight gain and other health issues, which is why your pooch should be fed in moderation.

Also, just like some humans, some dogs may be allergic to peanuts. Observe how your dog reacts after you give it some peanut butter. Symptoms to look out for are itching, difficulty breathing, and swelling.

Is Kirkland peanut butter safe for dogs?

Kirkland peanut butter is made with Valencia peanuts and sea salts, which is safe for your dog as an occasional treat.

Here are the benefits your dog could derive from consuming Kirkland PB:

  1. It is high in protein: Kirkland peanut butter, like most other peanut butter, is rich in protein, which aids in maintaining your pooch’s muscle mass and also supports its immune system.
  2. Rich in healthy fats, 2 tablespoons of Kirkland peanut butter will supply your dog with over 15 grams of fat, of which only 2.5 grams are saturated fat. The bulk of healthy fat can aid in a shiny coat and improve skin health in dogs.
  3. Boosts energy: The main reason why I use Kirkland peanut butter for some of my dog’s training sessions is that the fat and protein content are a source of a quick energy boost.
  4. Can improve dental health: Putting some Kirkland peanut butter on a lick mat or a Kong toy can help eliminate plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth as it tries to lick off the peanut butter.

Can Kirkland peanut butter help with my dog’s anxiety?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that peanut butter, such as Kirkland’s, can calm your dog down. However, I have noticed my dog becomes less anxious when licking the peanut butter from a lick mat and even gets more relaxed when I feed it to him from a spoon.

When dogs lick, hormones such as endorphins are released, which promotes a sense of self-soothing and comfort in dogs. Alternatively, exercise, spending time with your dog, and aromatherapy could help ease your dog’s anxiety.

Is it safe to give my dog Kirkland peanut butter every day?

Dogs love peanut butter, and it is a treat that can provide some health benefits, but it is not good to give dogs peanut butter every day since it has a high fat and high-calorie content, which could lead to weight gain. It is best to use Kirkland peanut butter as an occasional treat.

Can Kirkland peanut butter help with my dog’s digestion?

Kirkland peanut butter can aid digestion in dogs due to its fiber content. Fiber is great for promoting healthy bowel movements. However, the fat content can also cause digestive issues. If your dog is sensitive to high-fat foods, Kirkland peanut butter may not be the best option to relieve digestive issues.

If your dog is battling with digestive issues, it is best to contact your vet for a bespoke solution.

Can puppies eat Kirkland peanut butter?

Yes, puppies can eat Kirkland peanut butter. Puppies can handle dairy or fat in foods better than adult dogs. It is best to exercise caution, as too much fat could lead to pancreatitis. It can be used as an occasional treat for your pup.

Can Kirkland peanut butter be used as a topping for my dog’s food?

Kirkland PB can be used as a topper for your pooch’s food. You can make the meal more palatable and enjoyable by adding a little peanut butter from time to time in moderation.

There are lots of toppers you could use for your dog’s food, but finding the right one takes research and time. I had to use yogurt at some point to supply probiotics. I have equally used kefir, eggs, olive oil, and more. I use peanut butter I make myself, or Kirkland’s from time to time, to make the food healthier and more interesting each time.

Is Kirkland peanut butter safe for dogs with allergies?

Peanut or nut allergies in dogs can manifest even with as little as a tablespoon. Symptoms such as bald spots, hives, agitation, swelling, collapse, and excessive licking of the skin may be noticed.

If your dog has a peanut allergy, Kirkland’s wouldn’t be safe for them. It is best to avoid giving it anything that contains peanuts.

Other treats your dog will love

Kirkland peanut butter is a great treat for your dog, and here are other treats that my dog loves, and I know yours will love them too:

Dog-friendly Panna cotta

Panna cotta is an eggless, sweet dessert that has lots of sugar. However, we have made a dog-friendly panna cotta recipe that contains ingredients that are safe for dogs while still providing nutrients and fun for your pooch.


Horchata is a Mexican drink made from cinnamon, soaked white rice, and vanilla. From my personal experience, my dog and my neighbor’s dogs go crazy each time I make this drink for them, and if you want to see your dog have so much fun, you can try the dog-friendly horchata recipe.

Can dogs have Kirkland peanut butter? Final Thoughts

Dogs can have Kirkland peanut butter as an occasional treat. It is not advisable to make it part of your dog’s diet since it is high in fat and has a high-calorie content.

You can occasionally use this organic peanut butter in your dog’s training sessions, as a topper, and interchangeably with other healthy treats.

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