Is Pancit Bihon Good For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Pancit Bihon?

It is very common for our dogs to get attracted to what we eat and make an attempt to grab some or make gestures for you to share some with them.

Pancit Bihon is a popular Filipino dish and is a staple second to rice. While this delicious food can arouse any tastebud that beholds it, is it safe for our dogs to have some pancit bihon?

In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about pancit Bihon and dogs, from the ingredients, safety, benefits, possible risks, amount you should feed your dog, and other alternatives that are safe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Pancit Bihon?

Pancit Bihon is a nutrient-dense meal as it is made with vegetables and protein, making it safe for dogs to eat in moderate quantities.

The rice noodles used in Pancit Bihon are safe for dogs. The vegetables used, such as carrots and peas, are equally safe for dogs. However, you have to be cautious of the other ingredients that could be potentially toxic to dogs, like onions and garlic.

The best types of Pancit Bihon to feed dogs are those made by yourself; you can decide the ingredients used and screen out unsafe ingredients.

Ingredients in Pancit Bihon

Ingredient Safety for Dogs
Rice Noodles Generally safe in moderation, ensure plain and cooked
Chicken or pork Safe if plain, unseasoned, and thoroughly cooked
Vegetables (carrots, peas) Safe in moderation; ensure no seasoning or spices.
Onions and garlic Unsafe and toxic to dogs should be avoided.
Soy Sauce High sodium content is not ideal for canine health.
Seasonings and spices May contain ingredients harmful to dogs; use caution.
Oils Use in moderation; excessive oil can cause digestive issues.
Other Vegetables Check safety individually; some may be harmful.

This table provides a general overview, and the safety of specific ingredients can vary. It’s essential to consider the overall dish, preparation methods, and portion sizes.

Is Pancit Bihon Good For Dogs?

Pancit Bihon is good for dogs as there are numerous vitamins and minerals that can be derived from the rice noodles, vegetables, and proteins inherent.

However, ingredients like garlic and onions should be eliminated to make the dish safe for your pooch.

While dogs could eat some Pancit Bihon, let us examine how it is good for them or if they would derive any benefit from consuming some.

Rice noodles:

The rice noodles used in Pancit Bihon are generally safe for dogs, especially when served plain and cooked. Dogs can digest them without problems, but lots of oil and seasoning should be avoided.

Rice noodles are a source of selenium, manganese, copper, and carbohydrates, which provide energy and could benefit your dog, especially if you’re invested in exercising and teaching them new tricks every day.


Chicken and pork are usually the protein sources in Pancit Bihon. Not only does the protein content maintain good muscle health, but it also contributes to the overall health of your dog. Chicken is a source of vitamin B6 and zinc for dogs.


Certain vegetables commonly found in Pancit Bihon, such as peas and carrots, contain phytonutrients that protect your dog’s eyes from the sun. Also, it is a source of magnesium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

Seasonings and spices

The seasonings and spices used to enhance the flavor of Pancit Bihon can pose risks to dogs. Soy sauce, a common ingredient, contains high levels of sodium, which is not ideal for canine health.

Dogs are sensitive to excessive salt intake, and it can lead to issues such as increased thirst, urination, and, in severe cases, sodium ion poisoning. It’s advisable to minimize or exclude such seasonings when preparing a dog-friendly version of Pancit Bihon.

Also, onions and garlic used in Pancit Bihon can be toxic to dogs as they contain thiosulfinates, which deplete the red blood cells, leading to anemia.

How Much Pancit Bihon Can I Feed My Dog?

The amount of Pancit Bihon a dog can consume depends on its size, dietary needs, and allergies, if any. Smaller dogs should receive smaller portions, while larger breeds will be able to handle slightly larger portions.

The primary source of nutrition for dogs should come from their regular, balanced dog food. Pancit Bihon should only be an occasional treat and not a significant part of their diet.

Precautions you need to take

Start with a small portion to observe how your dog reacts. Look for signs of allergies or digestive upset.

If your dog shows any adverse reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or behavioral changes, refrain from feeding them Pancit Bihon.

Ensure to prepare a dog-friendly version that will exclude harmful ingredients.

Alternatives for Dog-Friendly Meals

  • Horchata
  • Plain Cooked Chicken: Boneless, skinless chicken is a lean protein source.
  • Cooked Turkey
  • Boiled Eggs: Rich in protein, eggs are a nutritious option.
  • Plain-cooked rice is easily digestible and can help with upset stomachs.
  • Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins and fiber when cooked.
  • Carrots: Crunchy and low in calories, carrots are a healthy snack.
  • Pumpkin puree is high in fiber and can aid in digestion.
  • Plain-cooked quinoa is a complete protein source with essential amino acids.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: Rich in probiotics and protein

Final Thoughts

While dogs can safely eat some Pancit Bihon and derive some benefits, you should ensure not to feed it to your dogs instead of their high-quality kibbles. The Pancitbihon should be fed as a treat, occasionally.

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