Can Cats Eat Balut? (Benefits and Drawbacks)

Feeding my cat top-quality meals is non-negotiable, as I always want the best for them, just as I do for myself. Eggs are a great addition to a cat’s diet, but when the eggs take a twist like in balut, is it still safe for cats?

Balut is quite tasty for we who love the forbidden treat and if you’re considering giving it as a treat to your pet, this article will provide everything you need to know about baluts for cats, including their benefits, how much to feed them, whether kittens can have them, and lots more.

What is balut?

Eating fertilized eggs in Asia is not news; it is a common practice. In the Philippines, balut is a famous delicacy derived from incubating duck eggs. The name balut is derived from the method of preparing duck eggs, which involves wrapping the eggs for 18 days while the embryo hasn’t developed.

The number of days the eggs are incubated varies amongst different Asian countries; countries like Vietnam prefer to incubate for as long as 20 days to achieve a firm egg when cooked.

While most Western countries frown on eating balut from a moral standpoint or because of its high-calorie content, balut is more like a national street food in the Philippines, the way corn dogs and hot dogs are commonly eaten here in the U.S.

Can cats eat balut?

Cats can eat balut as it has a taste of a combination of duck and chicken which most cats love. However, Balut is a high-salt food, and if your cat has lots of it with broth (which contains salt), they could have sodium poisoning. Only feed your cat balut without the broth.

It is also a high-cholesterol food, containing 359mg of cholesterol, which is 359% of your cat’s daily cholesterol intake and can lead to pancreatitis. This is why it should be given in small amounts occasionally, and if possible, give them the ones with no added salt.

Balut health benefits for Cats

Balut can be beneficial to cats, and here are the benefits:

  1. Protein: Cats need animal-based protein from darker parts of meat that are rich in taurine, a primary amino acid they need for proper bodily function but can’t produce on their own. While balut may be beneficial, it still can’t be a major source of protein for cats.
  2. Calorie: Balut boasts 188 calories, which could be good for cats who join you on a walk or participate in exercise activities. However, these calories have to be balanced to match your cat’s 10% treat intake daily, so as not to make your kitty overweight.
  3. Iron: Iron is an essential nutrient for cats, and balut supplies iron. The iron in the balut is just perfect for your cat.
  4. Calcium: Balut is also a great source of calcium, but like the iron it supplies, it could give more than needed calcium since your cat would still have regular-quality dry or wet foods.

Note that, while these nutrients and more are present in balut, they may be more than what your cat requires when including nutrients they would still derive from their main diets.

How much balut can Cats eat?

An average cat can have calories between 200 and 300 a day, and an average 9-pound cat can have up to 180 mg of calcium daily. Balut contains 2mg of iron, 116 mg of calcium, and 188 calories, which means over 60% of calorie and calcium needs can be supplied by one balut. Hence, you should only give your cat one-tenth of balut as a treat.

Can balut be harmful to kittens?

I don’t recommend you give a kitten ballot. First of all, most kittens wouldn’t find it palatable; secondly, it will oversupply nutrients, causing digestive upsets or complications. It is best to keep feeding them kitten foods, which will aid your kitten in developing into a healthy adult.

Can balut cause pancreatitis in cats?

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that can be triggered by the consumption of foods that are high in fat, like balut and crème brulee. Giving your cat a high-fat diet will eventually cause them to develop pancreatitis.

Is it safe to give Balut to cats with diabetes?

Cats with diabetes require a well-regulated and consistent diet to help control their blood sugar levels. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates, like balut, can potentially disrupt the balance and stability of blood glucose levels, making it challenging to manage diabetes effectively.

Can balut be given to senior cats?

When it comes to senior cats, you should be aware of their health status and the foods they are susceptible to. A senior cat with pancreatitis or any fat-related disease should not be fed balut, even in moderation. It is usually best to consult with your vet before giving balut to your senior cat.

Can Cats have the shell of balut?

It is not unusual for cats to scurry for eggs and their shells. Egg shells are a source of proteins and calcium, which could help strengthen your cat’s bones and improve their muscle mass. However, before you feed balut eggs to cats, soak the eggs in hot water for 5 minutes; this should be enough to eliminate bacteria. Air-dry the egg shells, grind them and sprinkle them on your cat’s food.

Safe Treat Alternatives to Balut for Dogs Health

Balut may have nice health benefits for your cat, but it could also pose certain risks if your cat is fed in the wrong proportions. Here are some safe alternatives you could offer your cat:

Peanut butter

My cats love peanut butter, and it is very effective in distracting them while I clip their nails, bathe them, or groom them. Peanut butter in moderation can offer your cats a lot of benefits, but it is high in fat and should be an occasional treat. I usually use peanut butter free of xylitol, like Kirkland organic peanut butter.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have loads of benefits for cats. They are appealing to the majority of cats, and they are easy to prepare. Get some pumpkin seeds and roast them without any added salt, and you’re good to go.

Can cats have balut? Final Thoughts

Cats can have balut, but this should be done in moderation as balut is high in fats, cholesterol, sodium, and calcium, which could be counterproductive if your cat gains access to much of it.

If you must feed your cat balut, ensure it is occasionally and about one-tenth of the entire balut.

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