Can Dogs Drink Snapple?

Dogs have differing body systems when compared to humans, and what is suitable for us may not be suitable for them in certain amounts. Just like Pocari sweats and Prime hydration, dogs can have a little Snapple, but is it safe for them? Here is everything you need to know about dogs, Snapple, and better alternatives.

What is Snapple?

Snapple is a famous brand of iced tea and juice drinks, with much of its peak experienced in the ’90s. While it is still available today, most of its unique characteristics are gone.

Snapple was founded by Arnold Greenberg and Hyman Golden in 1972, and it was offered as a healthy, unadulterated drink sold in health stores. Snapple has changed owners over its 50 years of existence but is currently owned by Keurig Dr Pepper.

A fun thing I have always loved about Snapple is its facts under its cap. They also claim their products don’t expire—posting only the manufacturing date—and truly, they stay for a while without getting rancid.

Can dogs drink Snapple?

While Snapple is not a dog-specific drink, dogs can have some of it without any problems. However, sweet beverages are not recommended for dogs, as most of them may contain harmful ingredients like xylitol and could cause long-term problems like diabetes, weight gain, and dental diseases.

When it comes to hydrating your dog, all you need is water, and in cases where your dog lost so many electrolytes, coconut water could suffice. We have a lot of dog-safe liquid or frozen treats like bone broth, unsalted broth, and Frosty Paws.


Here are the common ingredients in Snapple and how they may interact with your dog:

Filtered Water

Filtered water is usually safe for dogs to have. In some cases, it is recommended. Filtered water retains most of the minerals and is free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants that could interfere with your dog’s health.


Sugar is not toxic to dogs, but it can be an unhealthy addition to your pooch’s diet in significant amounts. Natural sugars in fruits and foods don’t cause many issues, but processed sugar found in most sugary treats and drinks could upstage a long-term problem for your dog.

Apple and Pear Juice Concentrates

Juice concentrates are juice extracted from fruits with all their water content removed, leaving behind a syrup. Concentrates are usually pasteurized and contain lots of nutrients.

As a stand-alone, concentrates may be too sweet for your dogs, but when available in drinks like Snapple, they are not harmful and provide nutrients as well.

Citric Acid

Citric acid produces that tart flavor in limes, oranges, and lemons. It is not poisonous to dogs, but it can cause distress to the stomach and nervous system, especially when ingested in certain amounts.

What would happen if my dog drank an apple?

If your dog has small amounts of Snapple, nothing will happen, and it will supply some vitamin C. However, if they consume significant amounts of Snapple, it could affect or destabilize their body system. You’re better off feeding them dog-specific drinks that are safe and yet provide nutrients.

Dog-safe drinks

Here are some safer drinks you could offer your dog that could be given instead:

Organic apple juice

The first kind of juice you can offer a dog is the organic version, free from any form of additive that could harm your pooch. Organic apple juice is safe for dogs and very easy to prepare.


Horchata is another great drink to offer your dog. Homemade versions are better, as you can be able to make a special cup for your pooch, eliminating sugar and dairy while still providing some natural goodness that can be beneficial to your dog.


For highly active dogs, after a walk or during sunny days, your first go-to hydration liquid should be water. Water is important for all bodily functions and is very effective in quenching thirst.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a great source of replenishing electrolytes lost during training sessions, hiking, or any other activities your dog may have been through. Coconut water, however, has a high sugar content and should be given in moderation, occasionally.

Final Thoughts

While dogs can have Snapple, it is not recommended to be given as a regular treat or used as a frequent source of hydration. The numerous ingredients used may cause stomach upset or even severe issues like diabetes and weight gain.

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