Can Cats Eat Corn Dogs?

Cats are the owners of the home, and they have employed us humans to take care of them, and we have to diligently carry out this task. Most times, my friends may be complaining about how their cats knock down some stuff from the pantry and eat it up, and those same things are what my cat would pass without caring to take a bite; that is how picky these beings could be.

However, some cats take a liking to human foods and won’t think twice to join you and enjoy some of the stuff you’re eating, be it pancit, lumpia, or corn dogs—they would want to take a bite.

Corndogs are well loved here in America and enjoyed fresh from street vendors’ carts, at arenas, fairgrounds, and just about anywhere where the fun is live. We also have a national corndog day during March Madness, but is it safe to let your cat have some corn dogs? In this article, we have detailed everything you need to know about corn dogs for cats.

Corn dogs

How many of us get those childhood memories each time the savory, sweet smell of corn dogs wafts through the air, reminding us of summertime visits to the state fair or during sports games? For those of us, our mom loves baking—the gracious homemade corn dogs.

Corn dogs are called corn dogs because of their brilliant design: a hot dog is usually skewered onto a wooden stick, and then it is layered with thick cornmeal batter before being fried until that golden brown color we all love is achieved. There are numerous varieties, including pork, chicken, beef, and cheese-filled options. And they can be topped with condiments of choice, from mustard to ketchup.

Corndogs have a debated origin, as some say the German immigrants brought them to Texas in the 1800s—it was a creation suited to the Americans’ taste. It is also touted that it was a 1930 or 1940s innovation of Carl and Neil Fletcher. Either way, corndogs have dug their space in my heart.

Can Cats Eat Corn Dogs?

While cats can have little corndogs without problems, in significant amounts, and as a regular treat for cats, corndogs are not a safe treat for cats. Corn dogs contain lots of sugar and are deep-fried, and the cornmeal batter ends up soaking up lots of oil, making it a fatty treat for cats, which could cause pancreatitis in the long haul.

The hot dogs used in corndogs are usually safe for cats. However, they may contain lots of sodium, preservatives, and additives, which may not be suitable for your cat if they are consumed in large quantities.

Cornmeal is ground-dried flour that can take on a coarse texture or fine consistency, depending on preference. Cats can have cornmeal safely; most cat foods contain cornmeal as a filler. However, there is a caveat: this batter is usually mixed with some other ingredients, such as sugar, which can cause diabetes and obesity if eaten too much. Also, milk is often added, which may cause lactose intolerance symptoms.

If you intend to make some corndogs at home that you will give your cat, you can source organic corndogs and bake or air fry the corndogs, making them much safer for your cat.

Are Corn Dogs Good for Cats?

Traditional corndog recipes are not good for cats, but if you modify the recipe to contain only cat-friendly ingredients, such as removing sugar or milk, swapping regular hotdogs for organic hotdogs, and baking instead of deep-frying, your cat could enjoy some corndogs safely.

What Will Happen if My Cat Ate Corn Dogs?

If your cat had access to some of your corn dogs, nothing would happen to them. The truth is that one full-sized corn dog is incapable of causing instant harm to your cat. The only thing that could happen is an upset stomach.

A single hot dog does not contain enough sodium to harm even a 5-kg cat, and fried foods don’t immediately trigger pancreatitis as the original cause of pancreatitis is still unknown (although fatty foods can contribute). The sugar content is not toxic either.

However, when it comes to health, we always take the long term into consideration. While there may not be any short-term misery, allowing your cat to have as much as one full corn dog regularly will certainly create a future of misery and pain as weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and possible pancreatitis will kick in.

How Do You Feed Corn Dogs to Cats?

If you must treat your cat to corndogs made for humans, you can give them 1/9 of your corndogs and no more, but I will suggest a more cat-suitable version that consists of safe ingredients and cooking methods.

Final Thoughts

Corn dogs for cats are not the most suitable treat option as they are made with ingredients that are not safe for cats to consume constantly. If you want to treat your cat, you’re better off feeding them treats with nutrients or corndogs, which are made specifically for cats.

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